In 2011, I started this website to share my work.

I try to upload a new set of images (photo essays, hired gigs, travel shots, etc) as often as possible. For a quick snapshot, have a look at the "Featured" to see some of the most recent pictures or "Favorites" to see a selection of the best shots from each year.

Enjoy your browse and feel free to like my Facebook page for periodical updates and photo tips.

Reactor #5 @ Chernobyl - Oct'21“The Woodpecker” / Duga  nuclear defense, near Chernobyl - Oct'21Inside Pripyat’s Abandoned Buildings - Oct'21The Streets of Pripyat, near Chernobyl - Oct'21Chernobyl Nuclear Plant - Oct'21Dec’19: RO-NL by TrainJune’19: NYC fisheyeJuly'17: Bucharest, Palace of ParliamentAug'17: Romania SummerJan'17: Bucharest, Heads of Herastrau2016 FavoritesDec'16: SicilyJuly'16: Summer in OregonJuly'16: Shoot for Jeff Stanley's new album, Lifeline.May'16: Bucharest, The Dandy RunApr'16: Bucharest Begins2015 FavoritesNov'15: Still AutumnNov'15: Criț WalkOct'15: Bucharest, Metal FestSept'15: iMapp BucharestSept'15: Music & FireAug'15: Transylvania IntroFeb'15: Zanzibar Kazi2014 FavoritesDec'14: Siri ya MtungiJune'14: Road TripJuly'14: Telluride Bluegrass FestivalJuly'14: Festival RunnersJune'14: Rogue MusicJuly'14: Dar es Salaam, MA ProjectMar'14: PortraitsFeb'14: Sauti za Busara 2014Feb'14: RelationshipsJuly'14: MA Relationship: AdoptionFeb'14: Streets of DarJan'14: At Work2013 FavoritesNov'13: Sauti DarOct'13: CoffeeAug'13: RubondoJuly'13: W.EuropeMay'13: Mikumi NP, SafariMay'13: Rwanda, GorillasApr'13: Swiss Ski ScenesFeb'13: Sauti za BusaraJan'13: IstanbulDec'12: Zanzibar2012 FavoritesNov'12: Viva AfricaOct'12: SelousSept'12: Drop itAug'12: MontanaAug'12: GroovestersJuly'12: Guatemala EcoLenaJune'12: AntiguaJune'12: SeattleMay'12: WeekendJune'12: Gallery ShowFeb'12: Zanzibar Music Festival: Sauti za BusaraJan'12: Serengeti 2Jan'12: Serengeti 12011 FavoritesDec'11: A Turtle's New YearNov'11: Tanzania: EcoFuelNov'11: Goodbye BlueNov'11: CrowTrap LiveOct'11: The CowshedAug'11: USA WestsideJul'11: 14-FireworksJun'11: Recently AddedApr'11: Hapa na PaleFeb'11: ZanzibarMar'11: Ethiopia, Trekking