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Thank you to the newspapers, websites and galleries that have supported my photography. Some highlights include: Gorilla images receiving international attention (Guardian, Telegraph, BBC, NG); Travel to Guatemala to document Legacy Foundation's conservation work; Editors highlight on National Geographic with a certain giraffe photo receiving 18,000 likes on their page; Four years of photographing for Sauti za Busara. 

In November, 2016, I published a book of photography activities to support photo-educators. This was my final project for my MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography and it can be previewed and purchased as an ebook on Blurb. The paperback is available through If you do check it out please send me your thoughts.  

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My New BookClick to learn more at Shout out to Sauti za Busara Flooding in DarImage from the 2014 floods in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Nile ProjectI was hired to do an afternoon shoot for the Nile Project, while they were touring through Zanzibar. Great to see many of the pictures from that day getting out there to support this fine project.
Editors Selection NG YourShotMonica Corcoran, the managing editor for National Geographic YourShot, selected this picture as the cover shot to the biweekly assignment… will it make the final cut and get published? Well see soon. The theme is: Imagine If. GuardianA selection of my gorilla photographs made the English newspapers after being licensed by Barcroft Media. TelegraphPicture of the day: Oct 16, 2013. After licensing my gorilla images and story to Barcroft Media, they were in featured in many English newspapers. Featured in GuatemalaVery proud to see my images from my work in Guatemala with The Legacy Foundation getting press in Central America. To learn more, click this picture for an article with QuePasa Magazine.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Selected as the "Photo Of The Day", July 13, 2013, receiving 17000 FB likes from the NG page. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Press release for Travel Photo Contest 2013... while it was featured on many websites, it didn't make the finals. Ce la vie. LEGACY FOUNDATION and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY: Documentary Photographer for biomass fuel briquette project in Guatemala. 2012 BOHEMIA ART GALLERY: Photography Exhibition, Ashland, Oregon. 2012

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Published in the print magazine, September 2011, as the "Winner of Readers Choice".

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Selected for the "Best Adventure Photos" of 2012. BBC NEWS: Giraffe photo selected as the cover shot for BBC's "Your Best Pictures of the Year", 2011. BBC NEWS: Selected for "Your Pictures" under the theme 'Wildlife'.
THE GUARDIAN newspaper online. This story occurred while I was photographing for Sauti za Busara 2013. Soon after uploading my images to Demotix, it was purchased as stock from their partner, Corbis. While I was proud to have an image published in the Guardian, I had not idea that when I was photographing little kids playing, that it would be used to portray such a different story. This experience has been a motivator for me to return to photojournalism with more objectivity and onus. SAUTI ZA BUSARA: Official Photographer for Zanzibar Music Festival, 2013. CAMPO AC: Images used to support the environmental conservation work of Innovando la Tradicion AC, Mexico (2013) HOMELAND: Most of the color has been removed from this image except the blue (to reveal the insane amount of security) and red (to emphasis the flag). This is at the Denver International Airport. I shared it online on Sept.11 as a statement of what we have become. The image was bought as a stock photo and I found it 'interesting' that Homeland magazine has used it to celebrate what I am criticizing. I suppose the 'truth is in the eye of the beholder'.
BBC NEWS: Selected for "Your Pictures" under the theme 'Missing'. DEMOTIX/CORBIS: Story of Flooding in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 2012 BETTERPHOTO: In 2007 I 'went digital' and this was the first image I shared online. The picture won 1st place on a small contest at which was huge for my confidence and the experience inspired me to keep experimenting and keep sharing. JPG MAGAZINE: Winner of the "Rule of Thirds" contest on, 2011.
Album cover and posters for singer and songwriter, Leo Mkanyia. SAUTI ZA BUSARA: Official Photographer for Zanzibar Music Festival, 2012. COLGATE UNIVERSITY: Photography exhibition, New York, 2011. Thank you to Stella Yoh, a former student and friend who set this whole project up.


THE COWSHED: Photography Exhibition at the opening of The Cowshed design studio by Kyle Quint and The Green Room. 2011