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I'm thrilled to share A SMALL SELECTION OF PAGES from my book titled:

Speaking with Photograph: How to Engage and Inspire and Audience with your Photographic Voice.

It mixes my 19 years of teaching experience with my passion in photography to provide over 60 creative lessons. The aim is to inspire every level of photographer to find joy while experimenting with new ways to improve their craft.

The book starts with COMPOSITION tricks, then moves into photojournalistic activities that help you find powerful SUBJECTS. It ends with guided activities to help build PHOTO ESSAYS to tell stories that inspire and engage an audience.

The PAPERBACK and hardcover book can be purchased on Amazon.

An EBOOK version is also available through as well as the iTunes bookstore. This looks great on a Kindle, iPad, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers.

For bulk orders and any other questions, please contact me.

What a fun ride this has been. I really hope the book shares this exciting journey and helps others look at the world with fresh eyes.

Thank you,