Jim Hogan
Peter, I'm just blown away by the quality of your photos. Keep up the good work.
Trixie Siemens(non-registered)
Hi Pete - You are amazing! (I can't figure out when you find the time!)
I love the two kids playing in the water...that's magical! and the shot from a helicopter? (I'm guessing?) of the boat is incredible. Good luck with your first show!
Jennifer Mores(non-registered)
I just love seeing your work. You are so talented!!!
Love it, Pete! My favourite so far is the one of the two brothers in your 'people' portfolio, waiting for their reward of seeing their picture on the screen. That's a never ending reward for the photographer too!
Greg Mellor(non-registered)

Very impressive. You are a very talented young man!
Heather Pillar(non-registered)
Hi Peter,

I really liked the ones where you experimented with light- like the one with Vera. Of course, the nature photos are amazing too. You have a good eye for the little things too--like the birdies and the mosque shadows. Can't wait to talk photography with you!
Neil Cook(non-registered)
Amazing photos Pete and glad to see a few made it from the World Cup trip.
I am a friend of your mom's and she gave me your link. Your photos are outstanding. I especially like your closeups...amazing you are able to get those kind of shots.

I will come back often to see any new ones you include.

Thanks for a beautiful morning.
Thanks for sharing. Those photos are so captivating and certainly worth sharing. Congratulations!!
Penny Keet(non-registered)
Awesome pics Peter. You have a great eye and I thank you for sharing these. They're amazing.
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