Welcome to my MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography experience with the London College of Communications. The pages below link to the assignments as they come and my BLOG will share the experience along this path that I couldn't be happier exploring.
V.i: Photo Story: Bahati goes skiingIV.iii: Portraits: KwadwoIV.ii. Portraits: MattIV.i: Portraits: VeraIII.iii: Relationship: PerformanceIII.ii: Relationship: EducationII:iii: Street Photography: Morocco JunctionII.ii: Street Photography: Mandazi RoadII.i: Street Photography: City CenterI.iii: People at Work: Raphael, The Shop OwnerI.ii: People at Work: Zainabu, The Gravel MakerI.i: People at Work: Niko, The Bajaj DriverPersonal Introduction